Monday, 24 March 2014

FORCES OF CHANGE..... (Continue from where we stop last time)

1.    THE POWER OF IMAGINATION: - Man’s mental capacity is divided into two segment. (1.) Memory (2.) Imagination.
Memory re-play the past and imagination pre-play the future, this give picture of where you are going in life. It help you to see above or ahead of your today. By the power of Holy Spirit that strengthen you and the capacity of imagination deposited in you through the spirit of thinking, you picture how your future is going to be and pre-play your destination and destiny. Though everything is possible only by gaining insight from God……. Memory lay- it bring about pain, everyday pain, because the man who lives in memory, lives in regret, bitterness, disappointment, failure, worry and fear e.t.c.
ü     Imagination (Gen. 11:1-6) is great mental power or ability to draw how your life is going to speak about. < Man is the architect of is life>. God respect what your thinking is all about and he respect what you think about your future………To further more on this next time will talk about HOW TO IDENTIFY GOD’S PURPOSE FOR YOUR LIFE……. Gen. 12……… start imagine some great things according to God’s purpose for your life.
As you know memory re-play the past and there is no future in yesterday so in your life don’t compromise God’s standard.
ü     When you imagine something, probably a picture of good thing in your thinking, it propels you to do something with your future.
The only thing that will never succeed in life is the thing that have never started (Gen. 11:1-6) beginning is the primary problem of so many people – what you have not started all the life obstacle can stop it.
Imagination is essential to Man’s transformation, because if your life will witness any dramatic change then imagination will play a very significant role.
2.     POWER OF FORESIGHT: - "you cannot see ahead and be ahead ". It is the ability to predict what is likely to happen and to use this to prepare for the future. A man that has foresight does not scrabble or scramble to goes to were opportunity is – the man goes to were opportunity will be or going to.
3.     POWER OF MEDITATION: - This is reasoning with God in His word to determine the Goal. (1.) Your change can never happen until you started thinking. (2.) Be certify with what you have but never with who you are, because where you are cannot change you out of it apart from your mediation and imagination. (3.) When you stop thinking, you started stinking Luke 15: 13-20. (4.) If a change most happen in your life, you must come to yourself by reasoning, by imagination.
ü    Sometimes will don’t start thinking on how to start until people withdraw their support………. Sometimes the people that cause you the wicked trouble is/are the people you need most……….
ü    Anything you don’t think about you get no idea about it……’s what you think about that God gives you idea about.  Matthew 15:29 sit down and think.
Beloved, I have no doubt that through this short write-up God has already open eyes to some certain things……… you can forward all comments to Thank you speak to you soon.